Thursday, October 2, 2014

Surrounded by God's Beauty

It seems like I run across non-believers often in today's society.  More and more people my age (39) and younger are atheists and do not believe in a Creator.  I'm not going to get into any of the "proof" in this particular post, but I do wonder how someone can look around and not believe?  In the last several days I've taken a few snapshots with my iPhone showing some of the natural beauty in the world, and they show, to me, in a very simple way, the beauty of God's creation.  Yes, atheists could easily explain these things from a scientific standpoint, and that's okay.  But, what makes it possible in the first place?  Deep down, can someone really believe that all of "this" comes from nothing?  Of course not.  At the beginning, there was a trigger -- something that started everything.  It is scientifically impossible for something to come from nothing, but it is possible, if you believe in a Creator, to believe that something came from "nothing."  After all, even if you believe in the Big Bang Theory, something caused the Big Bang, right?  

On the flip side, some people will show pictures and talk about all of the pain and suffering in the world.  You'll hear non-believers say, "if there is a God, why does He allow all of this?"  Let's not forget that God did not create the world with pain and suffering in mind.  Pain and suffering exists as a result of sin, or separation from God.  The Fall in Genesis 3 is where  it all began.  There are four consequences of Original Sin:  1) A distorted idea of God 2) Fear 3) Unsound judgment 4) Death.  Thank God for sending Jesus to die on the cross and give us the chance for redemption.  If all the people in the world followed Jesus' teachings, wouldn't this world be a better place?  Hard to argue it wouldn't, even if you're an atheist.

Anyway, here's a few images of God's beauty that make me thankful.  Even with all of the pain and suffering in this world, there are reminders every day that God exists.  Give Him thanks and praise.  Amen.  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Comeback

It's been over a year and a half since I posted on this blog.  Why?  No good reason(s).  I simply got distracted with life -- work, family, friends, hobbies, and lots of other things.  This is the story for many of us isn't it?  Why didn't we make Church on Sunday?  Why didn't we go to Mass on that Holy Day of Obligation?  When was the last time we went to Confession?  Or, simply visited with Jesus for a few minutes in prayer?  Oftentimes in this life so many things get in the way of what matters most.

Every time I find that I've strayed away from the Church, I always seem to feel a calling back.  There is that voice in the back of my head, a pulling, something that draws me in.  I, personally, think it is the Holy Spirit nudging me -- telling me, "Hey, you!  You're not where you're supposed to be or doing what you should be doing.  Get your act together."  Quite simply, I need to listen and act.  So, here I am.

One thing I intend to do is start writing my blog again.  I don't know if it will be once a week, once a month, or what, but I feel this need to write.  I think A LOT. . .I mean A LOT.  I have questions like many of us do, and sometimes have my own thoughts on what I hear at Church, what I read in the media, and just general things I feel the need, feel the nudge to share.  So, that's exactly what I'm going to do.  I ask for your prayers that I remain focused, on-task, and stay strong to this calling.

This is my comeback. . . be on the look-out!!